Drift Trike Events


Drift Triking is a relatively new sport, that I am completely addicted to. My brother and I first got into it in 2013 when we bought a pair of trikes from Toy’s R Us and modified them to hold our weight. After breaking and replacing nearly every part on those original trikes, we found ourselves at our first ADTA event in Windham NY. We both melted our caliper brakes, and learned a lot from the other more experienced riders there. You can watch the highlights from that event below –



After Windham we got ourselves sorted out with proper trikes from Flat Out Drift Trikes, and began riding the steeper hills in our area. We formed a race team named Skid Roads. Our next event was in Killington VT, and we got some great footage there and had a lot of fun. Video below –





After Killington I built a custom trike based on a Huffy Slider Pro frame. Huffy has since discontinued its drift trike division entirely including its rider and race sponsorships. Whats more unfortunate is we don’t really have any other sponsors in the sport at the moment, and events are now being completely paid for by the riders.




In August, I helped sponsor an event in Burke VT organized by the extremely hospitable guys from NFA Drift Trikes, that turned out to be the best event I had been to by far, and everyone else seemed to feel the same way. An awesome weekend made for a really cool video that my brother edited. Hope you enjoy –