The Tao of Hip Hop

This is one of my first blogs, I have been writing in this for awhile. Enjoy my amusing attempts at deciphering Taoist wisdom through hip-hop music. You can follow it here: Please Subscribe!

Suicide Prevention

I recently completed a 9 month commitment volunteering at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK), and the local contact lifeline (also ). I would like to think that I did something good for someone else, but really it was an incredible experience that allowed me to learn more about myself. Just in the training […]

The Bar Lab

This is an exciting project I am currently working on. A full blown web application I have developed from scratch, designed to be a resource for songwriters. The site also features some of my instrumentals as well as instrumentals from several other producers. The site is still under construction but there are many usable features […]

First Patented Invention

Filed a patent for the Dental Stain Eraser. Not my only invention, but the first one I have patented. Patents are expensive!