Poetry eBook, Short Film Script

This semester I took 4 writing classes! Yes, I completely immersed myself in the structure of the written word. I completed many pieces that I am proud of including a short graphic novel style interview, many film and book reviews, scripts, and more. I have included two of these projects in this post, both of which are downloadable.

My poetry eBook titled Knowing What To Do, I Do Not is a short collection of original poetry and accompanying images inspired by Claudia Rankine’s Don’t Let Me Be Lonely – An American Lyric. It is available in epub format only and can be downloaded below.

Download eBook


The Original Screenplay Fish is an adaptation of a true story from my life. Although the names, location, and even genders have been changed much of the true story remains intact. This script is for a 30 minute short film, which I may still further adapt into a feature length story. The subject matter is graphic and the theme is controversial. The pdf version of the script is available to download below, and I will appreciate any feedback from anyone who reads it.

Download Script