ANSI safety symbols

I was given the privilege of designing the new set of ANSI safety symbols to undergo rigorous social testing at several universities around the world.  Some of my symbol designs can be seen below. ANSI has very VERY strict guidelines about the creation of the symbols. I won’t find out for some time if any of […]

Winning contest logo

I recently won the logo contest held by Trike Daddy Customs to design a new logo for their road ripper motorized drift trikes. The logo needed to be a circle that would be placed on the engine, and could only use the colors red and black. I won a set of TDC forks and a Hope Evo […]

Poetry eBook, Short Film Script

This semester I took 4 writing classes! Yes, I completely immersed myself in the structure of the written word. I completed many pieces that I am proud of including a short graphic novel style interview, many film and book reviews, scripts, and more. I have included two of these projects in this post, both of […]

Visual Poetry

Animation and experimental music: No Cymbals for Symbols   This song was created entirely from words that I spoke or sang. The video was created entirely from the text of the song lyrics and ‘music words’. The theme is symbolism and double entendre.     Collaborative poster: Albany’s Alive @ 5 free summer concert series […]


After earning the RPI Computer Science Award Scholarship from HVCC, I have successfully transferred and begun taking courses at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute which will earn me a Bachelors of Science in EMAC – or Electronic Media, Art, and Communication with a Minor in Computer Science. I’m pretty excited to have the opportunity to attend one […]