3D Printing a 3D printer

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I quickly outgrew my XYZ mini 3D printer as I began to understand the limitations of PLA plastic.

The solution? 3D print a more capable printer!

Well it isn’t all 3D printed of course. But it is much larger and more capable than the first machine! Fortunately for me I have received a sponsorship from https://www.gearbest.com/ and the total cost to me was $0. But they do offer a kit with most of the parts I couldn’t print for less than 200 which can be found here Anet A8

I can now print in all manners of plastics; PLA, ABS, PETG, PC, NYLON, AND FLEXIBLE TPU, and in addition there are composites available that allow you to print in WOOD and METAL!

I am now able to create useful things, as well as prototypes with near manufacturing quality.

Just look at this prop I recreated from the 1994 film The Shadow – even if you pick it up you might still think it was cast or carved. Much more to come…