Robotics Development Platform

This is my first original robot design. I have built robots before, but I’ve never designed one entirely myself. The purpose of this robot is to be an affordable, expandable, customizable, and educational robotics platform. The design utilizes common hardware and easy to print parts to balance itself on 2 wheels. The rest of the […]

3D Printing a 3D printer

I quickly outgrew my XYZ mini 3D printer as I began to understand the limitations of PLA plastic. The solution? 3D print a more capable printer! Well it isn’t all 3D printed of course. But it is much larger and more capable than the first machine! Fortunately for me I have received a sponsorship from and […]

CAD / CAM – Fidget spinners, stop motion puppets and more

I got a 3D printer! I know I’m kind of late to the party but I was very excited and I actually do use the printer all the time now. I am already looking to upgrade! In any case I had to relearn mechanical drawing and 3d modeling because it had been awhile but MAN […]

appIOsc – Open Sound Control

appIOsc I recently collaborated with Shawn Lawson and Ryan Ross Smith on an open source device to convert analog signal voltages to wifi signals and vice versa. Sounds exciting right? It is actually more exciting than it sounds. Ryan and Shawn participate in Live Coding for both music and visual performance. And this latest Arduino project that I […]

Open source datalogger for video sync

This is a device that I put a lot of effort into, and it is still a work in progress. I spent months assembling hardware, and almost a year writing the program. After launching an instructable on how to assemble it, as well as publishing a github repository to share the code and invite collaboration, […]

Repairing and repainting an old wood house

This was an incredibly difficult project that I undertook this year. The repairing and repainting of an old wood siding house over a 6 month period. My mother and aunt live in this duplex and the paint had become so bad it needed to be completely removed, which of course unmasked many hidden problems. In […]

The Writing is on the Walls – Interactive Mixed Media

The Writing is on the Walls is an exploration of simulation using an FPV RC vehicle. Participants were allowed to explore a miniature environment remotely featuring a variety of media related to the theme. The theme is simulation, but specifically the underlying theme deals with the imminent loss of unmediated reality. There are many relevant […]

Welding Sculpture – Dragonfly

My first foray into welding sculpture – A scrap metal dragonfly with 6 foot wingspan. Took me 2 days, most of the work was in the wings. I think it will look great up on the tree once it is all rusted.  I look forward to welding more, and possibly learning to weld metals other […]

Visual Poetry

Animation and experimental music: No Cymbals for Symbols   This song was created entirely from words that I spoke or sang. The video was created entirely from the text of the song lyrics and ‘music words’. The theme is symbolism and double entendre.     Collaborative poster: Albany’s Alive @ 5 free summer concert series […]