Youth animation workshop

My brother Zach and I recently succeeded in planning, organizing, and executing a one day youth animation workshop at the Altamont Free Public Library. We hope that we created enough resources to allow the program to continue to be offered. Below is a website with a link to instructions and resources on how to build the website, […]

Baby Monitor Awards and TV appearances

Watch THE BABY MONITOR and check out all related content at Wow! Did not expect the response we got while working on this short film, but once it was completed it was clear we had something special. I can’t thank the cast and crew enough, for their performance which led to the following list of awards: […]

Winning Entry in Star Candy video contest

My brother and I made a quick film entry in Star Candy’s Drift Trike video contest and we won first prize – a package of drift trike parts including kart wheels and swag bag with clothing and accessories. The contest was to create a funny drift trike commercial. Watch our entry below –

Dead Summer – Ghost Inside (RGB+D Music Video)

Before you check out the video I made for Dead Summer’s song Ghost Inside, check out the pictures and clips from behind the scenes so you can see this wacky production process that utilized a Microsoft Kinect sensor. If you are interested in the process it can be found at RGB+D Toolkit.

Winning contest logo

I recently won the logo contest held by Trike Daddy Customs to design a new logo for their road ripper motorized drift trikes. The logo needed to be a circle that would be placed on the engine, and could only use the colors red and black. I won a set of TDC forks and a Hope Evo […]

The Baby Monitor – an original short thriller

  The Baby Monitor is an original short film in the genre Thriller / Suspense. This was a script that I wrote and produced, and had a lot of fun directing!   It screened at RPI Moon Dance Film Fest   For more info including full cast, crew, and list of screening dates (and eventually […]

Giant Gorilla Dog Thing – Hematoma (Music Video)

A hand animated video for Giant Gorilla Dog Thing’s new track Hematoma! We shot this video nearly two years ago, and all the frames were PRINTED OUT, drawn and then SCANNED BACK IN. Nearly 20 artists contributed and the result is pretty incredible CHECK IT OUT! You can order the album here:     […]