The Bar Lab

This is an exciting project I am currently working on. A full blown web application I have developed from scratch, designed to be a resource for songwriters. The site also features some of my instrumentals as well as instrumentals from several other producers. The site is still under construction but there are many usable features […]

I Need a Dollar – Flux Axiom ft. Animal Cracker & GM

  Shortly after DJ Raw Threat produced this instrumental using a sample of the theme music from HBO’s How to make it in America the instrumental was selected for use in several commercials. We also got some radio play with our version –

The Freestyle 365

A project my brother is working on that I occasionally help with. Check it out here :

Flash Freestyles

This was a different kind of project. The goal was to replicate “flash mobs” but with groups of emcees and beatboxers who would enjoy a cypher while flash mobbing. The project was a small success. The facebook page can be found here: Flash Freestyles