appIOsc – Open Sound Control

appIOsc I recently collaborated with Shawn Lawson and Ryan Ross Smith on an open source device to convert analog signal voltages to wifi signals and vice versa. Sounds exciting right? It is actually more exciting than it sounds. Ryan and Shawn participate in Live Coding for both music and visual performance. And this latest Arduino project that I […]

The Writing is on the Walls – Interactive Mixed Media

The Writing is on the Walls is an exploration of simulation using an FPV RC vehicle. Participants were allowed to explore a miniature environment remotely featuring a variety of media related to the theme. The theme is simulation, but specifically the underlying theme deals with the imminent loss of unmediated reality. There are many relevant […]

Flux Axiom – Waiting to Mutate EP

This is my third solo album, an experimental album centered around the concept of technophobia titled Waiting to Mutate. Enjoy 3 tracks from the album below. Available on iTunes soon.

1st Place in Annual Mckinney Writing Contest!

I’m honored to have won 1st place in the annual Mckinney Writing Contest! I won in the undergraduate electronic media category for my visual poem “No Cymbals for Symbols” in which I explore the use of language as instrument and the meaning in language itself. The award included a cash prize, and a meet and […]

New Website! Final Word Records

Those of you who know me well, know that my first artistic endeavor was music. I have been a musician since 1989, and a hip hop artist since 1995. I became more serious about it when I found friends who had the same interests, and we began making music together sometime in 1999.  I have […]


After earning the RPI Computer Science Award Scholarship from HVCC, I have successfully transferred and begun taking courses at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute which will earn me a Bachelors of Science in EMAC – or Electronic Media, Art, and Communication with a Minor in Computer Science. I’m pretty excited to have the opportunity to attend one […]

Flux Axiom 8 Til Infinity EP

Album release date set 8/10/12 An 8 song EP with several hidden tracks. Much of the work on this album was done in 2008, but it was never released. Preview a leaked track below: Flux Axiom – In the Pursuit of Mind Power

The Bar Lab

This is an exciting project I am currently working on. A full blown web application I have developed from scratch, designed to be a resource for songwriters. The site also features some of my instrumentals as well as instrumentals from several other producers. The site is still under construction but there are many usable features […]

I Need a Dollar – Flux Axiom ft. Animal Cracker & GM

  Shortly after DJ Raw Threat produced this instrumental using a sample of the theme music from HBO’s How to make it in America the instrumental was selected for use in several commercials. We also got some radio play with our version –