The Writing is on the Walls – Interactive Mixed Media

The Writing is on the Walls is an exploration of simulation using an FPV RC vehicle. Participants were allowed to explore a miniature environment remotely featuring a variety of media related to the theme. The theme is simulation, but specifically the underlying theme deals with the imminent loss of unmediated reality. There are many relevant social issues that have inspired the idea including the use of military drones and surveillance, autonomy in vehicles, as well as remote experiences. When talking about the project there are 2 main spaces: the installation environment in the basement that is being explored by the rover, and the control area upstairs in the gallery that is the public face of the project. This is where the rover is controlled, and the visual feed is received and displayed. The installation takes on a post-apocalyptic junkyard dimension due mostly to the nature of the installation environment, and the building materials used. The up- cycled gadget sculpture of a rover helps round out this feeling and let it spill into the gallery space upstairs. This project is a performance as much as it is a collection of media, and is unique in its format and presentation.