CAD / CAM – Fidget spinners, stop motion puppets and more

I got a 3D printer!

I know I’m kind of late to the party but I was very excited and I actually do use the printer all the time now. I am already looking to upgrade!

In any case I had to relearn mechanical drawing and 3d modeling because it had been awhile but MAN ARE THESE PROGRAMS BETTER THAN THEY USED TO BE!

After checking out Tinkercad which is great for beginners but lacks features I installed Fusion 360 from Autodesk and got designing. What used to take weeks in Autocad you can do now in hours. Incredible.

So I started out designing a few small things – fidget spinners, valve caps, etc. And then I made a case for an electronics project I had done that I will post about separately. Finally these new skills and printer have been a really big help in my latest project – a stop motion animation film. Being able to print props and parts for the puppet armature is really saving me time.

If you want to follow the physical objects I design you can view and download them on my thingiverse page.