appIOsc – Open Sound Control


I recently collaborated with Shawn Lawson and Ryan Ross Smith on an open source device to convert analog signal voltages to wifi signals and vice versa. Sounds exciting right? It is actually more exciting than it sounds. Ryan and Shawn participate in Live Coding for both music and visual performance. And this latest Arduino project that I cobbled together is both capable of producing analog waveforms, as well as accepting signal from an analog synthesizer and convert them to a digital wifi signal. Shawn has developed a program called The Force that he uses to live code visualizations for Ryans music. Now their devices can communicate. Several papers have been published about the project and Shawn and Ryan got to perform with it at international live coding conferences in several countries!

The photo above is a data flow chart from one of the papers that was published. The internal picture shown below does not have the wifi module installed, and only half the inputs are wired but you see what is entailed.

Another interesting part of the project is the way we were able to use Adafruit Neopixels on the case as indicator lights despite their use of an interrupt on Arduino. We used a separate small microcontroller you can see tucked against the side of the case that reads an analog voltage from one of the mega pins to set the light state. This way we didn’t interrupt any of the code running on the mega.