The Baby Monitor – an original short thriller

  The Baby Monitor is an original short film in the genre Thriller / Suspense. This was a script that I wrote and produced, and had a lot of fun directing!   It screened at RPI Moon Dance Film Fest   For more info including full cast, crew, and list of screening dates (and eventually […]

1st Place in Annual Mckinney Writing Contest!

I’m honored to have won 1st place in the annual Mckinney Writing Contest! I won in the undergraduate electronic media category for my visual poem “No Cymbals for Symbols” in which I explore the use of language as instrument and the meaning in language itself. The award included a cash prize, and a meet and […]

Poetry eBook, Short Film Script

This semester I took 4 writing classes! Yes, I completely immersed myself in the structure of the written word. I completed many pieces that I am proud of including a short graphic novel style interview, many film and book reviews, scripts, and more. I have included two of these projects in this post, both of […]

Visual Poetry

Animation and experimental music: No Cymbals for Symbols   This song was created entirely from words that I spoke or sang. The video was created entirely from the text of the song lyrics and ‘music words’. The theme is symbolism and double entendre.     Collaborative poster: Albany’s Alive @ 5 free summer concert series […]

Victor & Duwayne (Comedy Pilot)

I hope you enjoy this ridiculous comedy short. What do a zombie that only eats vegans and an uber emo chimp have in common? They are room mates and the rent is due.   This was a short comedy pilot with original characters, story, soundtrack, and costumes created for RPI EMAC ARTS 1030 – Digital […]

New Website! Final Word Records

Those of you who know me well, know that my first artistic endeavor was music. I have been a musician since 1989, and a hip hop artist since 1995. I became more serious about it when I found friends who had the same interests, and we began making music together sometime in 1999.  I have […]

AuraFlora (AFB1) an Arduino based interactive sculpture

AuraFlora (AFB1) an interactive or “robotic” flower.     AuraFlora Beta 1 is a scaled down version of AuraFlora for development purposes. The micro controller is an Arduino Uno R3. The purpose of this device is to be a first prototype for AuraFlora, and provide a platform on which to develop code. AF B1 has […]


After earning the RPI Computer Science Award Scholarship from HVCC, I have successfully transferred and begun taking courses at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute which will earn me a Bachelors of Science in EMAC – or Electronic Media, Art, and Communication with a Minor in Computer Science. I’m pretty excited to have the opportunity to attend one […]

New Website! AA-AAAA

Just finished the website for AA-AAAA (Pronounced like a pterodactyl call).   This is a home for the music videos that my brother and I (and others) collaborate on.   Visit the site here Press the logo to hear our name!