The Baby Monitor – an original short thriller

  The Baby Monitor is an original short film in the genre Thriller / Suspense. This was a script that I wrote and produced, and had a lot of fun directing!   It screened at RPI Moon Dance Film Fest   For more info including full cast, crew, and list of screening dates (and eventually […]

Giant Gorilla Dog Thing – Hematoma (Music Video)

A hand animated video for Giant Gorilla Dog Thing’s new track Hematoma! We shot this video nearly two years ago, and all the frames were PRINTED OUT, drawn and then SCANNED BACK IN. Nearly 20 artists contributed and the result is pretty incredible CHECK IT OUT! You can order the album here:     […]

1966 Chevelle Malibu

This summer my younger brother and I went to Rhode Island to visit our older brother and check out the custom hot rod he just finished building. This is one sweet ride. Check out the video where he smokes me in my Mazda RX-8. I’m not mad he is pushing 711 rwhp and 730 lb-ft of […]

Visual Poetry

Animation and experimental music: No Cymbals for Symbols   This song was created entirely from words that I spoke or sang. The video was created entirely from the text of the song lyrics and ‘music words’. The theme is symbolism and double entendre.     Collaborative poster: Albany’s Alive @ 5 free summer concert series […]

The LOST: Time for my Girlfriend – Voicemails and other work

The LOST: Time for my Girlfriend – Voicemails This was a project for RPI, the assignment was to create some work of art that engaged the campus, activated a public space, and started a conversation. These posters were posted everywhere. I witnessed people around campus laughing and talking about it, and it appeared on the […]

Victor & Duwayne (Comedy Pilot)

I hope you enjoy this ridiculous comedy short. What do a zombie that only eats vegans and an uber emo chimp have in common? They are room mates and the rent is due.   This was a short comedy pilot with original characters, story, soundtrack, and costumes created for RPI EMAC ARTS 1030 – Digital […]